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About us

MEISINGER - Since 1888

MEISINGER has been producing high-quality rotary instruments since 1888. In the course of our history, our company has grown from being a small enterprise into a global player with over 350 employees.

Quality "Made in Germany"

MEISINGER maintains extremely high demands on the quality of all our products and services. One of the traits that set us apart from our competitors is our willingness to test the boundaries of innovation.

We produce all our products at our headquarters in Neuss, Germany – everything from raw material deliveries to the completed product. High-tech machines manufacture products at feasibility limits. Manufacturing tolerances are held to unprecedented levels. Only maximum precision are accepted levels for our manufacturing processes. Achieving this requires us to use a fleet of machines which we have set up especially to match our exacting manufacturing requirements.

Products and services

MYPLANT II is MEISINGERs future-oriented implant, developed with Prof. Nentwig and Dr. Moser, based on 30 years of experience. One special feature is the combination of the self-locking cone connection and the possibility to remove the abutment.

MEISINGER diamond and tungsten carbide instruments consist of a shank and a profile body either coated by means of the most modern galvanizing process with selected diamond grains or made of high density fine grain metal. This guarantees optimal working results, outstanding efficiency, and long endurance.

MEISINGER Bone Management product line offers the user a perfectly harmonized aligned system solution and, which completely independent from the implant system in use, provides a controlled optimization of the bone implant bed.

MEISINGER Abrasives and Polishers guarantee odorless, precise working with minimal heat buildup on all materials processed. The instruments consist of high-quality fine abrasives and polishing agents.

Diamond burs

Diamond burs

MEISINGER diamond instruments for the practice consist of a shank and a hardened, stainless profile body coated by means of the most modern galvanizing process with selected diamond grains.
This guarantees an extremely homogenous, safe, and lasting diamond coating of the instruments and thus optimal working results.
In addition, the user is guaranteed a choice from up to seven different grain sizes.

Tungsten Carbide Cutters

Tungsten Carbide Cutters

MEISINGER tungsten carbide instruments for the laboratory are compelling due to their functional precision toothing, above average concentricity,
outstanding efficiency, and long endurance. They are made of high density fine grain metal and are characterized by their practical dimensions.

MyPlant II

MyPlant II

The concept of a two-phase titanium implant with a progressive thread and a self-locking cone was developed by Prof.Nentwig and Dr.Moser over 30 years ago and established to clinical maturity.
This implant has currently been taken one step further with the MyPlant II system. MyPlant II is a state-of-the-art design for use in implant therapy.
As a German company with a long tradition and international position, we are the ideal partner for ensuring the highest quality standards in dentistry.

News & Innovations

MyPlant II System - Back to the Roots, Shaping the Future 

The concept of a two-phase titanium implant with a progressive thread and a self-locking cone was developed by Prof. Dr. med. dent. Georg-Hubertus Nentwig and Dr.-Ing. Walter Moser over 30 years ago and established to clinical maturity. High primary stability, a micro-movement free and bacteria...| » Further reading 

Occlusal Reduction Kit & Tapered Occlusal Reduction Kit 

The Occlusal Reduction Kit allows precise occlusal reductions to be carried out. Thanks to the unique, angled depth stops a precisely defined removal is possible. The vertical orientation provides for good access to fissures. A crosshatched pattern is formed on the occlusal surface that, when c...| » Further reading 

Twist Polisher Kits GC01 - GC06 for all restorative materials 

Developed in collaboration with Greg Campbell, DDS, the MEISINGER Twist Polisher Kits for Ceramics, Zirconia, ZLS and Composites are designed to be simple and efficient. Included in the kits are the necessary tools to adjust and polish different material including an abrasive and diamond for spru...| » Further reading 


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