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About us

The company Helmut Zepf was founded in 1921. We are a German manufacturer for dental and surgical instruments with our own production plants in the Southern part of Germany. We have a high regard towards the exchange of experience with doctors
worldwide, as we have recognized that knowledge of the latest surgical techniques in aesthetic dentistry is as essential for the development of new products as the demand for technical and ergonomic criteria.

Practicing doctors recognize that all instruments are perfectly designed to detail as far as shape and function is concerned. This is what distinguishes us from the rest. Our ‘MADE IN GERMANY’ quality features are a great benefit for every doctor using our
instruments as it means a high level of safety and quality in medical care for the doctor as well as for the patient. We will never lose the focus on high quality ‘made in Germany’!

Products and services

  • Diagnostic

  • Periodontology

  • Conservation

  • Extraction

  • Oral Surgery

  • Implantology

  • Micro Surgery

  • Crown Instruments
Benex Extraction System

Benex Extraction System

In modern dental treatment, implantology following extraction is increasingly favoured. Consistent with the principle of minimal invasion, conserving soft and hard tissue structures is a must. Due to the longitudinal extraction, the modified Benex guarantees a gentle and simple extraction of roots in the whole mouth. It is nearly impossible to harm the soft tissue and the surrounding bone.

Drop-Control Blade Holder

Drop-Control Blade Holder

The patented ZEPF Drop-Control Blade Holder combines the design of the regular blade holder 46.007.00 with a new and revolutionary function. With reference to the mechanism of a ball pen, the blade will be dropped off and falls safely and controlled into a tray or a cup.
The advantage is that the used blade can be removed in a controllable way in order to prevent a contamination.

Xtool Instruments

Xtool Instruments

The Xtool Instrument Set in contrast to existing instruments is a clearly arranged and universal set that supports you during a gentle and uncomplicated extraction of teeth which cannot be preserved. Direct and controlled power transmission to prevent tooth and root fractures. Atraumatic extraction is a must nowadays.

News & Innovations

ZEPF Tunneling Instruments 

In microsurgery, HELMUT ZEPF Tunneling Instruments find their application in the preparation of flaps or subsequent reconstructions of the alveolar ridge or for root coverings with a connective tissue graft. The instruments allow a minimally invasive tunneling preparation to avoid large opening...| » Further reading 

Nanopal M5 Curettes in Z-Shape Handles 

With the new ZEPF M5 Gracey Curettes we introduce instruments in a new design. The Z-Shape Relax Handle is designed according to the ergonomic needs of a curettage. The new handle as well as the delicate surfaces of the tip are coated with the new ZEPF nanopal coating. The new ZEPF Gracey Cur...| » Further reading 


Composites are not easy to process. The modeling of clinically ideal contact points in particular is a big challenge for the practitioner. The Easy Contact Point Instruments will help to simplify this work step. These instruments are available in two sizes as pliers for MOD filling, i.e. as pre...| » Further reading 


Helmut Zepf Medizintechnik GmbH
Obere Hauptstr. 16–22

Phone: +49 7464 98880
Fax: +49 7464 988888

Kai Becker
Area Sales Manager
Phone: +49 7464 98880

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