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Medigma Biomedical GmbH

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About us

Medigma biomedical, manufactures and distributes dental implant systems, restorative components, surgical and prosthetic tools and accessories.

Founded in 1992, has been providing dentists and dental technicians with innovative solutions.

Medigma’s product lines are known for their high precision and user-friendly features. The professional team constantly ensures the production of technologically advanced high-quality products. Medigma works closely with the industry’s dental professionals, surgeons, technicians, in both private and public sectors, in order to provide customers with up-to-date industry solutions, knowledge and tools.

Medigma Biomedical is very proud of its reputation of providing excellent service and quality to our customers across the globe, through continuous customer communications, and a variety of dental implant solutions, for restorations ranging from the simplest case to the most complex surgical case.

Medigma’s products are CE marked and comply with the international regulatory requirements.

Products and services

The FixTite™-S spiral implant is a tapered implant with a spiral tap, which condenses the bone during implant placement for immediate stability. It features triple-lead thread design and a tapered body for accurate implant placement, self-drilling, improved esthetics and better load distribution. The FixTite™-S is very user-friendly and its unique design allows for immediate function for all bone types. The FixTite™-S features the AB/AE (Alumina-Oxide Blasted / Acid-Etched) surface treatment.

Mars™ spiral dental implant provides excellent primary stability, maximum bone maintenance and soft tissue attachment for optimal esthetics.
The Mars implant achieves these benefits from its anatomically tapered core implant body, aggressive large pitch double lead threads and advanced surface technology.
The internal-hex connection creates a rigid connection and a stable biologic seal. The Mars™ spiral dental implants features a standard AB/AE-Alumina Oxide Blasted/Acid Etched surface treatment.

Fix Tite-S

Fix Tite-S

FixTite™-S features:
Triple-lead large pitch thread design (3×1.2mm)
Triple vertical flute design
High primary stability, also in type IV bone
Fast and simple insertion
Reduced insertion torque
Bone-condensing property
Improved Self-drilling and self-cutting
Redirecting capability for optimal placement
Built-in platform switching
Minimally invasive surgery
Immediate function capability
Single restorative / prosthetic platform for easy restoration



Compressive bone loading from proprietary large pitch threads
Stable soft tissue seal and flexible implant placement
Double lead threads (2×1.2mm)
Bone-condensing property
Self-drilling and self-cutting
Redirecting Abutment ability for optimal placement
Built-in platform switching
Minimally invasive surgery
Immediate function Abutment ability
Single restorative/prosthetic platform for easy restoration


Medigma Biomedical GmbH
Siemensstr. 10
78564 Wehingen

Phone: +49 175 8726995

Daniela Di Franco
office manager

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