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The AXIOQUICK® RECORDER is a combination of the new AXIOQUICK® Anatomic Transfer Bow with a non-contact ultrasonic recording feature. Four ultrasonic transmitters and eight receivers record the movements of the lower jaw. The measurements of the condylar inclinations
and the anterior guidance pathways are reference to the Frankfort Horizontal Plane (Axis Orbital Plane). Recorded information is output in both analog and digital formats. The system provides for a rapid and easy method to obtain data for programming all types of articulators including fully adjustable. Recordings of all types are possible with the system
including before and after therapy documentation, chewing analysis, mandibular function analysis, coordinated muscle function using optional EMG unit, mandibular position analysis and measurements, etc. Additional options include incorporation of CT Scan layered animations and individualized tooth contact movement pathways. The AXIOQUICK®RECORDER System has limitless possibilities for the dental practice, research, teaching, and dental laboratory.

The SAM® 3 Articulator

The SAM® 3 Articulator

The SAM® 3 Articulator is noted for its high precision and functionality. The materials used and the workmanship are second to none. Like all SAM® Articulators, the SAM® 3 is also Arcon type and with the same lower to upper cast 3D relationships. A precision conical ball bearing centric locking mechanism assures the highest precision centric locking available with complete freedom when unlocked. Also, all inserts are independent of the centric locking mechanism. Condylar pathway and Bennett Guidance can be exchanged easily. Special clear polycarbonate condylar element covers serve to keep upper and lower members together when so desired. Optional protrusion/retrusion screw assemblies are available.



This easy to use anatomic facebow uses cranial reference points to establish the Frankfort Horizontal Plane in harmony with the axis orbital plane. An interpupillary line leveler and nasion relator helps to establish the horizontal and vertical reference planes to give the most correct and best simulation of the maxillary cast position in the articulator. Both transfer fork assemblies have precision torsion free connections which allow for exact transfer of upper casts to the articulator. The transfer fork assembly I - NT with two clamps and the easy to handle transfer fork assembly AX - AXIOMATIC® are connected to the articulator by means of the AX transfer stands.

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The First Digital SAM Articulator isA Software for Study, Teaching, Documentation and Patient Education.

The Digital Function Suite has many Numerous Modules and the download is for free.

Free Features

All Setting Options are  like in the Analog Device. You can cross fading with Skull and Head and choose from of 4 Articulators. There is the Animation of  Articulator with model and a Virtual Adjustment of a Facebow.

You can also choose from different model situations.

There are also many more of  Fee-based features including: Integration of Digital Axiographic Values, Model Position Analysis (MPI), Model Analysis, Digital Safekeeping of Patient Models, Tooth Contact Management, Model Repositoring (OEM) and Import of Your STL-, OBJ- und DICOM-files. Please try the free version.


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