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TC Cutters and Polishers for PEEK & PMMA

Ceramic-reinforced plastics, so-called hybrid ceramics (PEEK and PMMA) for long-term temporaries, place special demands on the trimming and polishing instruments.

The newly developed QCE blade configuration enable fast material reduction with a sharp cut yet without heating the material. This creates a smooth material surface, so that it can then be easily polished.

Suitable for material-friendly preparation of all thermoplastic materials, not only for PEEK and PMMA but also for nylon etc.
Only apply light pressure during trimming!

Specially developed 2-step polishing system

After milling the PMMA restoration in the CAD/CAM machine, the surface roughness must be reduced. The new polisher matrix in combination with the hybrid grit enables an optimum surface polish without the use of polishing paste. Polishing easily and quickly produces an aesthetic result, so that the PMMA restoration can be fitted immediately after polishing.

PEEK = Polyether ether ketone
PMMA = Polymethyl methacrylateätterkataloge/Innovation...

Exhibitor: NTI-Kahla GmbH, Rotary Dental Instruments

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