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Aqium 3D - Precise Impressions with Unique Hydrophilicity

In order to obtain a precise impression in the moist oral environment, rapid hydrophilicity is necessary. The silicones used in dentistry should displace the moisture quickly and easily flow into the smallest areas. Aqium 3D meets these requirements. The addition-curing precision impression material is suitable for conventional and digital impression methods. Its properties include optimal hydrophilicity, high ultimate tensile strength, high modulus of elasticity, thixotropy and fluidity.
The impressions made with Aqium 3D are scannable without the need to add powders or sprays, so that it can be used in a digital data-based CAM process chain. Furthermore, owing to a new mixing technology, the user saves 28% of the material per application.
Aqium 3D is available in different viscosities (LIGHT, MEDIUM, MONO, HEAVY, PUTTY SOFT and STANDRARD) and in 50ml and 380ml cartridges. Aqium 3D can be used for all techniques and indications.

Exhibitor: Müller-Omicron GmbH & Co. KG

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